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Berkeley’s Community Driven Cannabis Store

Farmacy Berkeley represents the bringing together of cannabis advocates who share a consistent commitment to defining values and creating one place where those values will shine. We believe in offering sustainably produced cannabis products delivered in a welcoming, inviting, and open environment that makes everyone feel comfortable—from the young and experienced consumer to the senior taking their first curious steps into the world of cannabis.

Only The Best

Whether our customers use it for medical purposes or fun and recreation, the quality of our products matters. We’re committed to quality, which is why we only partner with farmers, vendors, and brands who share that commitment. If you see a product on our shelves, that means it’s been thoughtfully curated and tested by our cannabis specialists.

Education And Service

From experienced cannabis users to absolute beginners— we want you to feel at home at the Farmacy. Our team of Cannabis Specialists will provide cannabis education, product education, dosing and safe-use tips. Their deep knowledge about medical and recreational cannabis use as well as the brands and products that line our shelves allows them to help you tailor an experience that’s perfect for you. Our community classes and product demos will provide additional information on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and consumption coaching.

Community Partnership

Our team of diverse, intergenerational leadership and staff have a history of participation in the cannabis community with an emphasis on education and activism. We recognize that cannabis is more than a business— for many members of the community, it’s a path to greater well-being, improved mental health, and increased joy in their everyday lives. This perspective informs everything we do, from the products on our shelves to the ways we engage with the community as a whole.

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Farmacy Blog

Check out the latest from our blog, featuring stories on new products, local community members and updates on Farmacy Berkeley and how we’re working to make an impact in the lives of our neighbors and customers.

Yesterday was Sue’s birthday and we’re still c Yesterday was Sue’s birthday and we’re still celebrating! Check out her page @MamaSueWellness to hear a nice message from our Co-Founder and Executive Director, Sue Taylor. ⁣
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We're proud purveyors of the best tastes the Bay h We're proud purveyors of the best tastes the Bay has to offer. Take this collab between @goldsealsf and @nug. It's Red Congolese flower grown across the bridge in SF turned into the tastiest live resin. 🔥 Put that in a @Puffco and you're 😎. ⁣
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We keep our special stash of Papa's Select by @Pap We keep our special stash of Papa's Select by @PapaandBarkley in the fridge to retain it's prime freshness. We've got an exceptional selection today just in time for 710 Weekend. 🔥🔥⁣
• Creme Brulee ⁣
• Dozizoz #3 ⁣
• Gargoyle Melon Berry ⁣
• Melon Ringz ⁣
Order online for pick up or delivery⁣⁣
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Cannabis consuming peeps are veryy creative. That’s how 7/10 became Oil Day. If you look at 710 upside down it reads OIL. We’re oil lovers here at Farmacy Berkeley, and pack our menu full of the best concentrates California has to offer. ⁣🍯🍯
Taste matters, so today we’ll be hitting an @airgraft to enhance the flavor bomb that is @fieldextracts. DM us for how we can set you up for 710 for just a bit of pocket change. ⁣
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