Introduction to Cannabinoids — CBD

Welcome to Part 3 of our guide to cannabinoids— the fascinating naturally occurring compounds that make cannabis so beneficial. In this week’s post, we want to address one of the cannabinoids with the most wide-ranging benefits for both physical and mental health— CBD.

What is CBD and How Does CBD Work?

Like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid that shows up naturally in the cannabis plant. Like other cannabinoids, CBD is a chemical compound that’s extremely similar to a group of natural compounds in the human body called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids bind the nervous system via receptors which then send signals throughout the brain and body.

Basically, CBD and its cannabinoid cousins provide doses of chemicals just like ones found in your body— sort of like what happens when you take a multivitamin.

THC is one of the most popular cannabinoids, but others include CBD, THCa, CBDa, and many others. Each one carries its own benefits, which we’ll discuss later in the series.

Does CBD Make You High?

While there is a common misconception and misunderstanding, not all cannabis will make you experience a ‘high.’ CBD, unlike another popular cannabinoid called THC, doesn’t result in a psychoactive high. As a result, it’s used mainly for medical and wellness purposes for physical, mental, and emotional relief. It can be used to help treat everything from pain and inflammation to seizures, nausea, migraines, anxiety, and depression.

Loss of Appetite
A range of conditions can lead to a dangerous loss of appetite, and THC has been shown to be effective in helping restore appetite in many cases.

Chronic inflammation can not only cause pain and discomfort but also a range of risks for more serious diseases. THC can decrease production of some of the chemicals that lead to inflammation.

CBD Benefits

Health benefits that can result from CBD are common and cover a wide range of issues and ailments. Here are some of the things that research is showing can be treated by CBD in some cases.

Do you tend to get nauseated? You could be one of the many people who experience a reduction in nausea thanks to CBD products.

CBD can be very effective in managing pain, especially when it comes to pain resulting from nerve or muscle-related issues.

CBD has been known to help reduce chronic inflammation, which not only leads to pain relief but can also help protect from serious diseases caused by that chronic inflammation.

Anxiety is one of the most common issues CBD is used to treat and alleviate. Anxiety sufferers of all kinds have found relief from the responsible use of CBD products.

There has been promising early research into the effects of CBD on depression.

Poor Sleep
Cannabis products that are high in CBD have been shown to assist with customers looking to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

But helping you feel euphoric isn’t the only benefit of THC— more and more research is helping us understand other benefits of THC.

What Products Contain CBD?

If you want to enjoy some of the many benefits of CBD, you’re probably wondering which products contain CBD. Many of the products found at Farmacy Berkeley have CBD, as it’s one of the most common cannabinoids. You can find some of our favorites and identify how much CBD a product contains by reading the product description on the packaging or its listing on our online menu.


Mama Sue CBD Tinctures

Created with the highest attention to detail and commitment to quality, these CBD tinctures use precise dosing to offer a wide range of benefits.

Jellyfish GHF

With a 99% CBD figure, this is some of the purest CBD you’ll find available anywhere

Jetty Extracts Session 3:1 Cartridge

With a unique flavor that’s equal parts nutty and sour, you’ll enjoy a laid back high plus pain relief from this CBD & THC combination cartridge.

Kiva – Camino Gummies

Camino’s line of gummies feature a blend of health-benefiting CBD with soothing terpenes as well as notes of ginseng.

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy Berkeley experts or browse our online cannabis menu for CBD-based products.

Next week, we’ll be discussing a less popular but very interesting cannabinoid—THCV.

Talk to you then!

—Farmacy Berkeley.

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