The Farmacy Berkeley Cannabinoid Series: THCV

Are you ready to meet one of the most exciting new stars of the cannabis world? It’s called THCV, and more and more research is leading scientists to believe it could be the most exciting thing in the world of cannabis.

The world didn’t know much about THCV for years, but now that cannabis is more legalized and accepted, we’re able to learn more about it in controlled settings.

What is THCV?

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin— don’t worry, you won’t be tested on that— is a cannabinoid like CBD or THC. It’s very similar chemically to THC, hence its name, but it actually has a unique set of traits all its own.

For example, did you know that combining a small amount of THCV with THC actually makes the THC less effective? But partnering a high amount of THCV with THC actually makes the THC more effective. This is a result of what’s known as the entourage effect, or the phenomenon of cannabinoids changing their properties when paired with other cannabinoids in varying amounts.

THCV is also known for creating a unique high, one that many consumers describe as more clear and energizing than other highs. This high is also notable because it tends to be shorter than those from THC.

Meanwhile, a lot of very interesting research is helping us to learn about the health benefits of THCV that cover a wide range of issues.

Effects and Benefits of THCV

Appetite Suppression
Unlike THC, which often causes increased appetite, THCV is known to reduce appetite.

Diabetes Treatment
Some growing research suggests that regulating blood sugar and reducing insulin resistance are both benefits of responsible THCV use.

Anxiety Treatment & Reduced Panic Attacks
PTSD, anxiety, and panic disorders have all been shown to react promisingly to THCV use.

Alzheimer’s Treatment
Alzheimer’s patients have been found to experience a reduction in tremors, motor control issues, and brain lesions thanks to THCV use in research trials.

Products that Contain THCV

A few products on Bud and Bloom’s shelves contain THCv in at least some percentage. You can easily identify how much of a specific cannabinoid a product contains relative to other cannabinoids by checking out the product description on the packaging or its listing on our online menu.


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Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy Berkeley experts or browse our menu online for products featuring THCV.

Next week, we’ll conclude our series on cannabinoids by exploring CBN, CBG, and CBC.

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-Your Farmacy Berkeley team.

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