Introduction to Cannabinoids — THC

When it comes to cannabis, not many people have an in-depth knowledge about everything that goes on within the products they’re consuming. That said, most cannabis customers know at least a little bit about the cannabinoid known as THC.

That’s because THC is the primary cause of the cannabis effect that people know best— the euphoric ‘high’ that comes from its use. What you might not know is that THC is also being revealed to be beneficial in a lot of other ways, ways that are making it the target of more research than ever.

But before we dive into that, let’s start with a bit of basic info about the most famous cannabinoid.

What is THC and How Does THC Work?

THC is a cannabinoid, or a chemical compound that appears in a range of varieties in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids have very similar properties to endocannabinoids, chemicals found in the human body that bind with receptors in your nervous system. Endocannabinoids bind with these receptors to produce amazing benefits, and THC is no exception.

THC is one of the most popular cannabinoids, but others include CBD, THCa, CBDa, and many others. Each one carries its own benefits, which we’ll discuss later in the series.

Why Does THC Make You High?

One of the most common questions about THC is about exactly how it gives you that ‘high’ feeling you get when using it. Remember those receptors we were talking about? THC binds with ones that send a signal to your brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which is responsible for the feelings of euphoria you get while high. Dopamine is also released when you’re happy, excited, get good news, finish a tough workout, and have other positive experiences.

But helping you feel euphoric isn’t the only benefit of THC— more and more research is helping us understand other benefits of THC.

THC Benefits

Health benefits that can result from THC are common and cover a wide range of issues and ailments. Here are some of the things that research is showing can be treated by THC in some cases.

FDA-approved trials have confirmed that THC can be an effective treatment for many forms of pain, especially nerve-related pain.

THC has actually been available in FDA-approved pill forms for treating nausea in cancer patients since the 80s. Now that cannabis is becoming more widely accepted and available, more people are discovering THC’s powerful anti-nausea effects.

Poor Sleep
Have trouble sleeping? THC has been shown to be an effective way to help fall asleep more quickly, and breathe better when sleep is interrupted.

There is promising early research to suggest that THC can be an effective treatment for depression in some patients.

Loss of Appetite
A range of conditions can lead to a dangerous loss of appetite, and THC has been shown to be effective in helping restore appetite in many cases.

Chronic inflammation can not only cause pain and discomfort but also a range of risks for more serious diseases. THC can decrease production of some of the chemicals that lead to inflammation.

What Products Contain THC?

If you want to enjoy some of the many benefits of THC, you’re probably wondering which products contain them. Many of the products found at Farmacy Berkeley contain THC, as it’s one of the most common cannabinoids. You can also identify how much THC a product contains by reading the product description on the packaging or its listing on our online menu. Here are some of our favorites:


Forbidden Flowers

Founded by actress and cannabis activist Bella Thorne, Forbidden Flowers feature carefully curated products with impressive potency and flavor.

Glass House Farms Pre Rolls

Combining quality and convenience, these pre-rolls from Glass House Farms are the quickest way to experience a quality THC high.

F/ELD Extracts

F/ELD creates the highest quality vaporizer cartridges in cannabis, and their products feature a range of flavors and THC concentrations for all tastes.

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy Berkeley experts or browse our menu online for THC-based products.

Next week, we’ll be discussing the other most popular cannabinoid—CBD.


Talk to you then!


—Farmacy Berkeley.

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