The Farmacy Berkeley Cannabinoid Series: CBDa and THCa

For this entry in our series on cannabinoids, we’re going to bend the rules just a little bit. That’s because technically, CBDa and THCa aren’t actually cannabinoids— they’re cannabinoid oils. Why there’s a distinction, and what it means, will be the subject of today’s article in our series.

What Are Cannabinoid Acids?

If you’re wondering about the difference between cannabinoids and cannabinoid acids, it’s really a matter of two things— heat and time.

You see, when a cannabis plant is growing in its natural habitat, what it produces are cannabinoid oils like THCa and CBDa. What’s interesting is that if you were to wander across a growing cannabis plant and consume it, you actually wouldn’t experience any sort of high.

That’s because cannabinoids aren’t activated while the plant’s growing, but when they’re exposed to heat and time. During this process, THCa becomes THC and CBDa becomes CBD.

What’s so interesting about this relationship is that THCa and CBDa have some entirely different traits from their cannabinoid counterparts.

THCa Benefits and CBDa Benefits

THCa and CBDa affect your body in a similar way to their cannabinoid cousins, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in your nervous system.

Here are some of the most significant observed effects of THCa and CBDa:

Reduced Inflammation
Both THCa and CBDa interact with the chemicals in your body that can cause muscles, joints, and tissue to become inflamed. This can lead to reduced swelling and associated pain or discomfort.

Boosted Immune System
Want to stay healthy? Some early research seems to point to THCa and CBDa as effective immune system boosters.

Pain Reduction
THCa and CBDa have also been scientifically tested as pain relievers, with promising results.

Other Potential Benefits
While much more research is necessary, THCa and CBDa have been shown to have promising potential benefits in reducing the growth of cancer cells. This could make these cannabinoid acids a powerful future tool in helping treat cancer.

Nausea, epilepsy, anxiety and depression are all ailments that researchers believe might be able to be treated with THCa and CBDa after additional research.

Products with THCa and CBDa

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy Berkeley experts or browse our menu online for related products.


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This THCA infused tablet is designed to help reduce hangover effects with a soothing formula that also features CBD, CBG, and THC.

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With its distinct herbal flavor, this tincture brings a soothing wave of calm and minor buzz.

Advesa Wellness | THCA Sublingual
Perfect for inducing feelings of calm and euphoria, this THCa-centric formula from Advesa is a customer favorite.

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