Cannabis Edibles: Benefits, Tips, & Brands You Should Know

If you’ve always wanted to try cannabis edibles but feel a bit intimidated by the experience, you’re not alone. Even many experienced cannabis consumers often worry that edibles will provide an experience they’re not ready for— or they simply don’t know where to start.

Your team at Farmacy Berkeley is here to help you along the way to edible joy. In this article, we’ll answer all of your most common and important questions— what are edibles, how do they differ from the types of cannabis I’ve experienced before, and where do I start if I want to try edibles for the first time?

What Are Edibles?

In the most basic terms, a cannabis edible is any product that’s infused with cannabis and meant to be ingested orally— a fancy way of saying swallowed. That being the case, edibles include not only cannabis products you can eat but also any that you can drink— cannabis-infused beverages have become extremely popular in the last few years. Other popular forms of cannabis edibles include gummies, chocolates, baked goods, gum, and even cooking materials like pasta sauces.

But it’s important to distinguish between edibles and sublinguals. While sublinguals do begin their journey through your body via the mouth, they’re applied via a dropper on or underneath the tongue. These aren’t swallowed but rather absorbed directly from this area of the mouth and then into your bloodstream.

But edibles don’t go directly to your bloodstream— they first have to be processed in your stomach. That means that, like food, they can take longer to move through the digestive process and release their beneficial compounds into your body and mind.

It’s also important to note that not all edibles are for getting high— many are CBD-based and designed to offer health benefits like reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and more.

What’s Different About Edible Cannabis?

Cannabis that begins in your stomach must take a different, much longer path than many other forms of ingestion. Because the cannabinoids that give cannabis its effects can’t start taking action until they enter your bloodstream, and edibles first have to be digested before they can get to that point, the effects of edibles usually take significantly longer than other methods. Usually, this can mean as long as two to four hours.

That said, edibles can also bring a more intense high than other methods— which means that the experience can be worth the wait, but also that you should be careful with dosing so that you don’t end up higher than you planned to be.

Tips for Enjoying Edibles

When trying edibles for the first time, we always recommend the ‘low and slow’ approach. While this is a good tip for any first-time cannabis user, it’s especially important for edibles. Because edibles can take a long time to kick in with their intense effects, many inexperienced users will think that they simply haven’t taken enough. They ingest more, and then find that all of the effects hit later than expected— and are much more intense because of their double-dipping. This can lead to an unpleasant high if you’re not careful.

It’s also important to remember that edibles can make a quick smoke session in the middle of a busy day more difficult— the delayed onset of effects and long-lasting potency sometimes requires you to set aside several hours for your session, depending on your dose.

We suggest that you start with a small dose, around 1-2.5mg for your first time. From that point, you can try moving up to 2.5-15 mg or even 30-50mg if you’re feeling comfortable and adventurous. The right dose for you won’t always be the same for somebody else— besides your specific body type and physiological traits, it can also be impacted by how much food is in your stomach, which will affect how long it takes for your body to process the cannabis.

Remember— start low, go slow.

Edibles Brands We Love

Looking for recommendations for awesome edibles? Here are a couple of our favorite edibles brands we carry at Embarc.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Wyld is a principled brand whose cannabis-infused gummies and chocolates are made for an active lifestyle that embraces the natural. Their products are infused with real fruit ingredients as well as the purest cannabis possible, making for both great taste and potent benefits.

Flavors we recommend from Wyld include Peach, Huckleberry, Marionberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, and Strawberry. You’ll also love Wyld’s lineup of cannabis-infused chocolates, from Blood Orange White Chocolate to Strawberry and Peach.

You can find the best flavors from Wyld at Farmacy Berkeley, available for in-store purchase or online order.


Plus edibles are focused on wellness, with each product carefully designed to combine cannabis with other all-natural ingredients to deliver a specific health benefit. For improved sleep, try their Sleep Cloudberry gummies infused with multiple beneficial cannabinoids as well as melatonin.

For improved mood and energy, try the Uplift Sour Watermelon or Tangerine flavors, both infused with THC and formulated to brighten your day.


Want a cannabis edible that’s delicious, filling, and fits into your active lifestyle? Atlas produces the only cannabis-infused granola bar on the market, and we’re proud to provide it for our customers at Farmacy Berkeley.

Ready to shop edibles? All edibles from WYLD and Plus are BOGO for $1! You can also get an Atlas cannabis-infused granola bar for just $1 with a purchase of any Atlas product. Browse our selection and place an order for curbside express pickup or delivery today!

WYLD | Peach Gummies

Plus | Sleep Cloudberry Gummies

Atlas | Blueberry Lemon Trail Bar

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