It’s pre-roll promo week here at Farmacy Berkeley, and as part of our Weed in the Wild month where we’re encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy nature & cannabis in the sunny spring weather.


One amazing way to get outside and get active in our area is by experiencing one of the many great hikes right in our own backyard. Discovering the best hikes in Orange County really depends on who you ask, but these are some of our favorites in a range of local areas— plus our recommendation for the best cannabis terpenes to pair with them.

Seaview and Big Springs Trails Loop

The highest-rated trail in Berkeley is the Seaview and Big Springs Trails Loop, and it’s not hard to see why. This moderately difficult hike features 4.3 miles of incredible panoramic views in a dog-friendly environment— plus tons of wildflowers in spring and summer. Be prepared for a bit of incline and you’ll be rewarded with a Berkeley favorite.

Farmacy Recommends:
Terpinolene is a terpene with a floral, citrusy aroma, so we think it’s the perfect partner for this hike that’s filled with fragrant wildflowers. You could also include myrcene for some anti-inflammatory benefits for swollen muscles or joints.

Panoramic Hill

Any guesses why this trail’s peak is called Panoramic Hill? Surprise— it’s because it offers you amazing views of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and the Bay. But make no mistake— this trail is tough. 1,500 feet of elevation gain over 6.2 miles will have you ready to kick back with your favorite pre-roll by the end.

Farmacy Recommends:
A challenging hike that will leave you with some seriously sore muscles, Panoramic Hill is best paired with a cannabis product that’s high in the terpene myrcene, which has been shown to help reduce swelling as an anti-inflammatory. It can also help improve sleep quality, something you’ll definitely need the night after conquering this hike.

The Berkeley Fire Trails

Some of the best hikes in Berkeley are found on the Berkeley Fire Trails, a series of wide trails that wind through beautiful old-growth forest and offer beautiful views of the entire Bay Area. If you’re looking for a more even, laid-back walk or a trail run, go with the upper trail. If you want more steep climbing (but also more views), the lower trail is the place to be.

Farmacy Recommends:
The Berkeley Fire trails are surrounded by a range of beautifully fragrant old-growth trees, so why not pair it with a pre-roll high in pinene— the same terpene found in many other naturally occurring plants and herbs. Plus, you’ll benefit from the improved breathing and anxiety relief that comes from this popular terpene.

The Big C

Looking for a short hike with a killer view of Berkeley? Try the Big C trail that climbs half a mile each way to the ‘C’ over UC Berkeley. You can even stop at Tightwad Hill, named for the football fans looking to get a view of the game without having to buy tickets. It’s also a great spot for enjoying a little something you picked up at Farmacy Berkeley after your hike.

Farmacy Recommends:
The Big C is a perfect hike to boost your mood and offer some much-needed stress relief. With that in mind, we recommend you pair it with cannabis that features limonene. This terpene is known for its mood-boosting effects and ability to provide stress and anxiety relief in many consumers.

Chaparral Peak via Stonewall-Panoramic Trail

This stunning trail that winds through Claremont Canyon is one of the best hikes in the Berkeley area, and it’s also one of the best for wildlife spotting. Deer, coyote, gray fox, red-tailed hawk, and more can all be spotted on this hike if you keep an eye out. Plus, it all ends with sweeping panoramic views of Berkeley and the entire Bay Area.

Farmacy Recommends:
A relaxed, beautiful hike that’s filled with a sensory buffet for the eyes, ears, and nose deserves a cannabis strain to match. Consider something rich in a wide range of terpenes, giving you a full spectrum of aromas, tastes, and benefits as you take in the natural beauty that surrounds you every step of the way.

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