Driven By Quality. Built On Community.

When Sue Taylor, her Son and Daughter-In-Law founded iCANN in 2009 it was with the vision of opening a community dispensary focused on helping seniors. By educating seniors on how the therapeutic benefits of cannabis could improve their quality of life she began to dispel the stigma.

Now, that mission takes its next leap forward with the opening of Farmacy Berkeley, a partnership between the iCANN team and the Glasshouse Group, an experienced, trusted name in the California cannabis industry. Our shared goal is to provide safe and sustainably grown cannabis to consumers in a warm and welcoming environment.

For over a decade, I have been educating people of all ages about the benefits of cannabis and addressing the stigma against it. Now people can come to our dispensary and experience it for themselves.

-Sue Taylor, iCANN & Farmacy Berkeley Founder

What We’re About

Farmacy Berkeley is a continuation and extension of the values that Sue Taylor relies on as a Commissioner on Aging for Alameda County to improve health outcomes for seniors. These are some of the values we care about most:

Farm Over Pharma. Plants Over Pills.

The pharmaceutical approach to managing health isn’t working for everyone. Using cannabis may be a viable alternative to the side effects of pills and relief for chronic health issues. Farmacy Berkeley will provide every customer and patient with information on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, guidance on proper dosage and safe use.

Product Safety

When you know where every part of a cannabis product came from, you can be more confident in its ingredients and effects!
We believe in total transparency in our vendors, products, menu curation process and approach to product education.

Community Connections

We are invested in Berkeley, a unique and progressive community where Sue’s sons went to school and grandchildren attend school. Since 1999 the Berkeley Public Health Division has been at the forefront of breaking down data to uncover inequities in health. In 2019 the campus at UC Berkeley announced its own Cannabis Research Center to study cannabis policy, communities and the environment.

Farmacy Berkeley is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our neighbors and customers through information sharing, education and community partnerships.

Our vision remains the same – providing quality cannabis medicine to a population that needs it the most, as well as educating the general public about alternative medicines.

-Sue Taylor, iCANN & Farmacy Berkeley Founder

Your Wellness is Our Mission

Our mission is to help you integrate cannabis into your wellness routine so you can improve the quality of your life.

We can’t wait to serve you, starting on February 7th.

-The Farmacy Berkeley Team

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